Shilpin means Craftsman in Sanskrit.

Sukhada & Amruta; two sisters, join hands to offer Handcrafted Happiness! Extensive traveling in India and abroad has made us explore art and culture of various regions. On the Global map, traditional, handmade Indian art is standing strong and the intricacy of the designs & techniques is always fascinating for fabric lovers like us.

We proudly celebrate the artistry of every craftsman located in remote parts of our nation. Each ethnic design that Shilpin offers, resonates with the vibrant traditions followed in varied parts of India.

In our journey we met numerous people who are abundantly talented and are relentlessly contributing to preserve the time aged traditions of devising beautiful artifacts. Shilpin is tribute to all the Craftsmen across India who strongly believe in their ancestral craftsmanship and are consistently working to hold the traditional Crafts up against the enlarging wave of modern fashion.

We are proud to bring you various accessories in designs that are pretty & practical at the same time.

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