The main body is made with block printed fabric and straps, handles and other supports are created using vegan leather.

Vegan leather is made with synthetic fiber and is cruelty free. It is manufactured artificially without harming any animals.

Fabric that is created either using wooden blocks or large printing screens with unique designs and patterns.

The fabric can undergo light handwash using liquid soap. Light stains can be easily removed using wet cloth. Straps and handles made in vegan leather can be cleaned using wet cloth lightly soaked in soap water.

All our bags and wallets are lined with water resistant layer, so they can sustain light rains and water splashes. Extended contact with water or heavy rains are likely to seep through and may damage the contents inside.

We ship worldwide! Just mention your address at the checkout.

Generally, it takes 6-7 business days to deliver a domestic order and 12-15 business days to deliver international order.

Yes, after your order is shipped you will be provided with a tracking number and a weblink to track your order.

In general, it is hard to arrange a single quicker shipment. However, after you receive order confirmation, please drop us an email with an expedite shipping request. We will try our best to deliver by the requested date.

All our orders are processed online – irrespective of the quantity. If you still have a special request, we would be happy to answer it. Please contact us via Email or Phone.

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